Frequently Asked Questions


  • You can’t build your own cars anymore can you? I heard rules are too strict.
Yes you can build your own car. We strongly recommend discussing your plans with your local engineer. When you buy a Meyers Manx Australia Manxter 2+2 Kit we provide you with engineering paperwork including documentation for fibreglass body compliance and rearseat compliance. We can also refer you to a number of engineers that are familiar with our Kits and can assist you through your build.
  • Can I really build a whole car? Surely you can’t build your own engines or gearboxes?
There is no need to build your own engine or gearbox as the Manxter 2+2 Kit is based on a VW Chassis. In effect we are just swapping the traditional round VW beetle body and bolting on the new Manxter Kit. The simplicity of the Kit design allows you to utilise the existing VW transmission, Engine and running gear.
  • Do I need the help of an engineer? Can’t I just build it myself?
You will require an engineer to inspect the build and sign off on an engineering report. This is a legal requirement to ensure the vehicle is safe. Meyers Manx Australia can provide a list of recommended engineers.
  • How much will it cost?
Meyers Manx Australia is focused on providing a product which represents great value and won’t break the bank. By keeping everything simple – we have eliminated much of the expensive customised fabrication costs associated with Buggies. All of our prices are listed on our website.
  • How long does it take?
This is a difficult question to answer, but not withstanding any delays in the approval process and by purchasing all your products through Meyers Manx Australia, a basic model Manxter 2+2 can be built comfortably in 3-4 months.
  • These cars look pretty flimsy – how strong are they?
By utilising a 6 point safety cell with side intrusion bars which are tied to the front and rear of the VW Chassis, the Manxter meets all beaming and tortion tests as well as providing a high level of protection to the occupants. The Manxter 2+2 bodies meet the VSB14 requirement for fibre glass vehicle panels.
  •  Can I pay someone to build me a car?

Yes. Meyers Manx Australia has a number of approved Buggy Building Shops. These shops can, not only build your Manxter for you, but also perform any special customisation you require. Check out our contacts page.


  •  Are they street legal in every state?
Yes. The Meyers Manx Australia Manxter 2+2 can be registered within all states of Australia.
  • Can I insure a car like this?
Yes. Insurance companies such as Shannons Insurance will insure a Meyers Manx Australia Manxter 2+2.
  • Can someone else buy my car if I sell it and still drive it on the road?

Yes. Once a car is registered, it can be bought and sold like any standard production vehicle.


  • Can I specify different equipment for my car i.e. a different engine?
Yes. However we advise you to discuss any plans with your engineer.
  • How new does the engine have to be to be legal?
As the Meyers Manx Australia Manxter 2+2 kit is basically a rebodied VW chassis, it only need to meet the requirements that apply to the year of the chassis. This means that it doesn’t require emission testing and could allow you to run a VW aircooled motor from the 60’s.
  • What’s the biggest engine I can put in a Manxter 2+2?
Discuss this option with your engineer.
  • Can I add turbo/superchargers to a car like this?
Discuss this option with your engineer.
  • Don’t have a lot of space? How much room do you need to build a car like this?
Ideally a double carport or shed to ensure all items are out of the weather, but the Manxter 2+2 can be built in a single garage shed if required.
  • How much mechanical knowledge do I need to build one?
The Meyers Manx Australia Manxter 2+2 Kit is a 90% bolt together solution. All that is required is a basic mechanical knowledge and home handyman skills.
  • What does 90% bolt together mean?
90% bolt together means that all kit components required to complete your build are available off the shelf , however some minor fabrication/welding is required to improve the flexibility of the kit. Also to note that as the Manxter 2+2 is a kit car, some ‘massaging’ of components may be required to fit correctly. The fibreglass kits will require some drilling and cutting to install lights and various fitting kits. Depending on engine/transmission and suspension setups some further clearancing may be also required.
  • What tools will I need?
This is a difficult question, but as a start you will need – Screw Driver set, Spanners, Socket Set, Drill with Drill bits, Vacuum, wire cutters, hammer, etc.
  • I am over 6ft tall, can I fit into a Manxter?
Yes. The Manxter 2+2 is based on the VW Chassis. If you can fit into a VW, then you can fit into a Manxter. Also the seat position can be modified to suit and lift kits can be installed to provide more head and leg room.