Classic Manx

Classic Meyers Manx Kits

Since its first release back in the 1960’s the Original Meyers Manx Buggy has been the inspiration for hundreds of copies and 1000’s of passionate Buggy owners.

Although often copied, no other builder has ever managed to get the delicate balance between shape, size, style and proportion correct and that is why we are happy to release our Classic Manx Buggy Kits. Our kits are authentic and come with Meyers Manx Serial Numbers and papers. They are produced with the approval of Bruce Meyers himself.

The Classic Meyers Manx Kit is made from one of the original Meyers Manx moulds and due to age is not of a high enough quality to pull a quality Gel Coat finish. For that reason and our desire to stay true to the original nature of the Classic Series we will only be offering them in a Primer Grey Gel Coat finish. This way the imperfections can be fixed prior to painting and you get to paint it any colour you want.

Why buy a Meyers Manx Kit?

After years of abuse and dodgy repairs many of the Meyers Manx Buggy Bodies out there are showing their age. This kit allows you to start from a very effective shell and re-use all your original fittings or buy our new ones right off the shelf.

If, on the other hand, you own one of the many Ugly Manx Copies, now is your chance to not only increase your buggy’s value, but to improve its looks and make it much easier to buy parts off the shelf.

By using a Meyers Manx Body you know all our barwork and other accessories will fit, and fit well. Not to mention you get a Meyers Manx Ser# and no longer have to dream about owning a Real Meyers Manx.