What is in a Manxter 2+2 Kit?

The Meyers Manx Australia Manxter 2+2 kit is the most stylish and comprehensive kit on the market.

The Body.

The main part of the kit comprises of a Fiberglass Manxter 2+2 Body, Bonnet, Windscreen Surround and Engine Air box Cover.  This also includes fitting kits for the Bonnet and Air box as well as Front and Rear Badges.  The Body comes with test papers to meet the ADR requirements for fiberglass components. Fiberglass is sold as white as the standard finish, however 2 pac or gel coat finish is available for extra charge.

2 Pac

All painted finishes are done in a high quality Dupont paint. We offer a result worth 3-4 thousand dollars for less than half of that when we combine with a kit purchase. There are significant benefits getting a painted finish over gel coat. Painted finishes are significantly more brighter and vibrant than gel coat. The choice of colours is in the millions and customisation is very easy and inexpensive. Repairing a 2 Pac finish can be done perfectly and is significantly cheaper than gel coat. Touch up paint is supplied.

Gel coat

Gel Coat colours available are based on the FGI Color chart index.

Please note that the FGI Colour Chart is to be used as a general colour guide only and may not represent the colour of the finished product due to variables such as screen resolution and print quality. Colours available may vary from those shown and colours can be updated any time at FGI’s Discretion.

Manxter 2+2


Windscreen Glass

The windscreen is a custom curved laminated safety glass solution for the Manxter 2+2. It is made locally in Australia and is completely ADR Compliant.

Windscreen and Rubber

Windscreen Markings


The 3 Piece Dash

A 3 piece fiberglass dash consisting of a Dash tub designed to fit the Manxter 2+2 body, a Glove Box and a Dash Top.  The Glove box comes with a fitting kit including lock and hinge.  The 3 peice Dash also come with an Aluminium Dash Panel in Blank configuration or Pre cut to suit a 6 Cluster Gauge Set and the Meyers Manx Australia ADR Gauge Cluster

Dash - 6 Guage Cluster

Fitted Dash



The Manxter 2+2 is supplied with a fully integrated 6 point safety cell incorporating side intrusion bars that tie between the front beam and the rear horn support. The Main Safety Cell incorporates all Seat belt bosses, mounting plates and brackets.  The  rear horn support incorporates a child Safety bar that sits behind the rear firewall.  This configuration forms a kafer bar set up resulting in reduced torquing of the Chassis under load.  The Barwork encompasses a Front and Rear Bar configuration to meet the current ADR’s. Barwork can be configured to suit various requirements such as Ball Joint or King Pin front ends and Subaru or VW trans axles. The rear cage is designed to support a tow ball being added for towing a small trailer. All Barwork is professionally CnC Rolled and Bent before being assembled in our custom Manxter 2+2 Jig. Barwork is supplied in a raw finish.

Barwork - Front 45Barwork - Side intrusion Bar Front Plate Barwork - Roof Pivot Point Barwork - Rear Seat Mount Point Barwork - Rear Plate Barwork - Rear Horn Plate  Barwork - Rear Cage Branding

Barwork - Rear Cage Sideview Barwork - Front Bar

Barwork - Jig

Roof Kit

The roof kit compromises of a single piece fiberglass top which is designer to tilt upwards to improve ingress and egress from the Manxter.  It uses Gas Struts to assist in the lifting of the roof which pivots on the front hoop.  It is supplied with hinges, gas struts and mounting components.


The Rear Seat Kit

The Rear Seat kit comprises of 2 bucket seats that fit into the Manxter 2+2 molded rear parcel shelf.  The Rear Seats come with black padded covers and bolt down to front and rear support bars.  The support bars are completely bolt on when installed with the Manxter Safety Cell.  The Rear Support bar also incorporates a plate for anchoring the Rear Seatbelt Stalk.  The Rear Seats and Reat Seat Mounts have been tested to comply with ADR03/3 and are supplied with engineering approval. Note some additional fabrication of spacers may be required to fit to early chassis’s due to variance in the shock towers.

Rear Seat Kit



The Manxter 2+2 kit is supplied with two 7inch Front Headlight Buckets with Narva ADR approved inserts including parkers. The Rear comprises of two ADR approved Hella taillights and indicator Assembly that fit to the molded rear of the body.  All lights are E-tagged.




Two side Turbo Mirrors are supplied with the kit that meet the ADR requirements

Turbo Mirror


Side pods

Vented Side pods are available to fill in the side of the Buggy.  The Vents can be used for ascetics or more practical applications such as the mounting of radiators if desired.

Sidepods - White


Rear Radiator Surround with Wing

A sporty rear radiator surround is available to mount a radiator or oil cooler above the engine.  It replaces the need for an engine air box cover.

Rear Wing

 Rear Cover for Subaru Transmission and Engine

The Manxter 2+2 needs to be clearanced in the rear parcel section to allow the Subaru Transmission and Engine Combination to fit. To provide a neat solution, Bruce Meyers designed a rear cover that fits both the Manxter 2+2 and Classic Manx. Only Available in Grey.

Rear Cover