Engineering & Registration

Working in conjunction with the various Australian state transport authorities, we have ensured our Meyers Manx Australia Manxter 2+2 kits are fully compliant with National Code of Practice for Light Vehicle Construction and Modification (VSB 14) with particular focus on LH5 and LH6 as well as meeting all relevant ADR’s.
Individual Constructed Vehicles (ICV’s)
All Transport Authorities identify kit cars or substantially modified vehicles as ICVs.
However, due to the nature of the MMA Manxter 2+2 Kits being “rebodied” on to unmodified VW Chassis’s with standard brakes and suspension, they are considered rebodied vehicles and not ICV’s. This means that some of the stricter ICV requirements are not applicable including an exemption to emission testing. If however a modified (including new custom) chassis, brakes or suspension is included in the kit build, then the vehicle may be considered an ICV.
In both scenarios, all ICVs or rebodies have a specific compliance and registration process that must be followed to allow registration of the vehicle within each state.
The basic process is as follows:-
An “Application to Modify” form must be lodged with your local Transport Authority (except NSW and VIC) with all details of vehicle build.  A nominal period of 6 – 12 weeks is taken to respond with an approval to build, request for more information or a rejection of submission.  NSW now only require a VSCCS certificate and VIC only require a VASS certificate at time of registration.
The vehicle must be inspected by the Approved Engineer a couple of times during the build to ensure the build is compliant with relevant ADRs and Transport Authority requirements.
Once the build is complete an Engineering report is compiled by the Approved Engineer and submitted to your local transport authority.  This report includes the ADR checklist for all relevant ADRs 1 – 83 (LO1) and all test reports for the vehicle.
Test reports that are required are:-
  •  Emissions – ADR37/01 (1997) test results or evidence of compliance#
  •  Bump steer test measurements
  •  Brake test results
  •  Vehicle swerve test results
  •  ADR 83 Noise test results
  •  Torsional rigidity test results
  •  Fibreglass test results
  •  Welding test results
#Exempt for Manxter Builds based on unmodified VW chassis Brakes and Suspension
  • Your local transport authority assesses the report and gives exemption for compliance plate fitment or they will request more information or changes to the vehicle.
  • Vehicle is fitted with modification plate with LO1 and LH6 codes.
  • Vehicle is finally inspected by Local Transport inspectors.
  • Vehicle can finally be registered.


Record of Modifications
The owner of the vehicle must :
for the period of 3 years following the modification, keep any records made or obtained by the person in relation to the modification, including but not limited to the following:
(i) receipts or other proof of purchase of parts or
accessories used in the modification of the vehicle,
(ii) records of test methods, and the results of tests, used
to determine whether the modified vehicle complies
with any applicable vehicle standards, and produce any such record for a modification made in the preceding 3 years for inspection by the Authority or an authorised person when required so to do by the Authority or an authorised person.

Notes on vehicle tests
Emissions – ADR37/01 (1997) test results or evidence of compliance.
ICVs must comply with ADR37/01 (1997) – therefore they must be tested to meet this standard OR if the vehicle is fitted with a post 1997 engine complete with all production emissions components (Computer, injection, sensors, cats, charcoal canister, etc..) then the emissions compliance can be carried over from the donor vehicle.
Bump steer test measurements
Measurements must be made of the steering toe variation with 2/3 travel (bump & droop) of the front suspension.  Requirement is +/- 20mm max measured at the tyre max diameter
Brake test results (Simplified ADR31 test)
Vehicle must meet negative acceleration requirements for two stops from 100km/h, brake fade (15 stops from 60km/hr with no more than 45 seconds between each stop), and handbrake performance (one stop from 32km/h in a distance of less than 22m).
Vehicle swerve test results
Vehicle must pass a lane change test at 100km/h through a defined course.
ADR 83 – Noise test results
Vehicle must meet passby (74dBa) (under accelleration) and stationary (90dBa) noise requirements as per ADR 83
Torsional and beaming rigidity test results
Vehicle must meet chassis torsional rigidity requirements of:-
o   Beaming max average deflection = 1.25mm
o   Torsional rigidity 4Nm/deg for each kg tare mass min ( vehicles 4 cly / rotary under 1000kg tare)
o   Torsional rigidity 4000Nm/deg min ( vehicles 4 cly / rotary under 1000kg and greater)
o   Torsional rigidity 6000Nm/deg min ( vehicles more than 4 cyl)
Fibre GlassTesting
Fibreglass test results to British Standard 2782 Part III – 85 MPa in tension and 152 MPa in flexure, Barcol hardness >25, min fibre to weight ratio = 0.29.  Min thickness = 3.5mm (not incl gel coat).
Welding must comply with Australian Standard 1554 Part 1 – 1985 “Welding of steel structures”
Application Forms for ICV Build
QLD – F1854
NSW – None (VSCCS Compliance certificate needs to be presented at time of registration)
VIC – None (VASS Compliance certificate needs to be presented at time of registration)
Meyers Manx Australia Recommended Engineers
All engineers listed below have no direct affiliation with Meyers Manx Australia, but are familiar with our MMA Manxter 2+2 kits and the requirements to ensure they meet each State’s engineering requirements.
  • Brian Brady –  0407 939 216 –
  • Mullen Automotive Engineering – Athol Mullen – (02) 4956 8030
SA –
NT –
Short Wheel Base (SWB) Buggies
Since 2000, the VW Chassis can no longer be shortened to suit SWB Bodies unless the vehicle is to be built as a Full ICV. This means that the vehicle must meet all current ADR’s at the time of application (see above). However if you own a registered or previously registered SWB buggy with a tired old body, Meyers Manx Australia can supply a Brand New Meyers Manx Classic Body and various component.