Australian Vs the US Manxter 2+2 Kits

Why is the Australian Kit more expensive than the US kit?

Meyers Manx Australia is more than happy for people to compare our product to the US version. We are a licence dealer for the Meyers Manx Brand and do not compete directly against them. In fact if someone wanted to purchase a US kit, then we are more than happy to assist them to import it back to Australia.

However we do get a lot of questions with regards to how our kit prices compare, so we think it is important for people to understand why there is a cost difference.

Local Costs
Meyers Manx Australia manufactures our kits entirely in Australia. Our Labour Costs are almost double that of the US and Taxes are significantly higher in Australia than they are in the US. However manufacturing locally means that we can maintain a consistent price and product quality regardless of any fluctuation in the Dollar.

Kit Compliance to ADR’s

In addition to this Meyers Manx Australia Kits meet the Australian Standards for ICV’s.

The differences are listed below.
1. The US fibreglass kit has not been tested to Australian Standards for fibreglass. Our kits meet the stringent Australian fibreglass standards for an ICV and we supply test papers to verify this.
2. The US roll cage is not design or material compliant. Our Roll cages meet the ADR for roll cage material and thickness. Our Cages have been modified to ensure the original ascetics have been maintained but also meet Australian Engineering requirements. Our Roll Cages include Seatbelt Bosses and meets ADR 05/34
3. The Headlights and Tail Lights in the US kit do not meet the Australian Standard for Vehicular Lighting. Our Kit only comes with Narva Front and Hella Rear Lights which meet ADR 01/06/14
4. The US front and rear bumpers do not meet the Australian Design Rules for full width Bumpers. Our Kit comes with stylish full width bumpers that match the lines of the Manxter 2+2 and meet the ADR.
5. The rear seats and mounting in the US kit are not engineer approved. The Autralian kit is supplied with rear seats and mounts that have been tested to ADR 3/03 and we supply test papers to verify this.
6. Rear seatbelt mounts are not supplied with the US kit. The Australian Kit comes with a bolt on rear seatbelt mount to meet engineering guidelines.
7. The US kit is designed for Left Hand Drive cars. We supply a right hand dash designed for the Australian Market.
8. The US kits are supplied with non marked Windscreens. The Australian kits are supplied with locally manufactured windscreens that are marked and comply with the ADR for front windscreens.

Extra costs buying in the US

It should also be noted that if you purchase a kit in the US – you need to get it back to Australia.
So in addition to buying the US kit – the following charges should also be taken into account. Note these are a rough guide based on knowledge and experience of importing into Australia. Anyone embarking on this process should do their own due diligence.
1. Crating to ISPM15 and Freight in the US – $1500 US
2. Freight from US to AUS – $2500 US
3. GST & Duty – 15% of Invoice


Whilst Meyers Manx Australia is happy to provide sales support – If you buy from the US then all Warranty and Supply issues will need to be managed directly with the US.

Buy Australian Made

As a final point it is always good to support local business. Keeping Money in Australia is good for the economy and in the end good for all.

The Team – Meyers Manx Australia.
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