Manxter 2+2

For the new generation of buggy lover, it is not about imitating the discoveries of previous generations, it is about establishing their own.


Photo courtesy DENMAT CARS


Easy to build, no chassis shortening, no crawling under the dash to mess with the wiring and a style others can only hope to achieve.

One only needs to roll the old VW body off to one side, do a spring house cleaning on the chassis and redecorate with the sexiest wheels and tires. Once mom, dad and the kids are on board there’s still room for the ice chest, a mini-spare under the back seat and plenty of room for the tools and extra gas under the opening hood.

The roof support system is carefully designed to integrate with the steel rails running fore and aft to the steel bumpers at both ends of the car. The complete instrumentation is just below your forward vision, in front of the steering wheel, while there is a glove box for those sunglasses and maps. With the optional hardtop, sidecurtains and music/audio console nestled just above – one might imagine lengthier outings with a level of comfort unknown from the usual wind-in-the-face ride we all have known.

The groundbreaking tradition of being able to build the ultimate family fun machine has not been effectively seen since the Original Meyers Manx of the 60’s and 70’s. Now with the Manxter 2+2 it is well and truly back. With the refinement, support and completeness of the Manxter 2+2 kit once again not only leading the industry but establishing the benchmark at a new level. Want to see for your self ?


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