Welcome, if you have found our site then you have an interest in Meyers Manx Buggies and all the enjoyment that comes with them!

After an absence of a few years from the Australian market Meyers Manx is back in Australia and here to stay.

Meyers Manx Australia aims to do justice to the brand and ethos which saw Bruce Meyer’s Innovation from the 60’s become a worldwide phenomenon which continues to this day almost 50 years later.

Offering an ever growing range of Buggy Kits, Parts and Accessories, Meyers Manx Australia only carries quality items. Our range is made up of both locally designed and manufactured items as well as those we are happy to source from our international suppliers.

No doubt, like most new businesses, we may start off a little bumpy in some areas and we welcome feedback and comments from customers and fellow buggy owners which may help us improve or better focus on what the Australian market need and wants.

The Team at Meyers Manx Australia is made up of buggy enthusiasts and owners; we have many years of experience and look forward to helping you out with any parts, giving you information you may need to help complete that Buggy Project or just becoming a more educated Buggy Owner.