Classic Manx Components

The following items are available for your Classic Meyers Manx Build.

New Primer Finished Body and Bonnet

Due to the age and current finish in the mold, we can not supply a finished gel coat option. These Bodies are supplied in Grey Primer which is suitable for Painting. All Bodies come with a Meyers Manx Authentication Plate.

Manx Body and Bonnet

Windscreen Frame and Glass

Meyers Manx Australia stocks brand new windscreen frames and glass to suit your Meyers Manx Body. A base rubber is supplied bewteen the Windscreen and Bonnet.

Manx Windscreen (with glass)

Meyers Manx Dash

New Manx.Dashes are available in a Primer Finish


Meyers Manx Steel Dash Frame

Steel Dash Frames are available to support your windscreen frame and steering wheel column.  These frames are specially made from our Jig to ensure a perfect fit.

Manx Dash Frame

Rear Deck Lids

These Rear Deck Lids are available in white primer. Designed to fit above the rear parcel shelf and form a convenient lockable storage area.



4 point rollbars with seatbelt bosses are available to bolt straight into your Classic Meyers Manx Body.

Manx Rollcage2 Manx Rollcage

Manxter Rear Cages, Rear Horn Supports and Front Bars are also available – check out the Manxter 2+2 kit description.


Billet Meyers Manx Front and Rear Badges

These Badges are available to purchases of a Meyers Manx Australia Classic Manx Body or to verified Meyers Manx’s.

Manx Billet Badges



7 inch Chrome Bucket Lights with ADR approved NARVA Inserts and Rear Early Beetle Lights. 

520_00011 520_00002a

Vented Sidepods

Vented Sidepods are available to fill in the side of the Buggy.  The Vents can be used for assetics or more practical applications such as the mounting of radiators if desired. 


3 Piece Hardtop

The 3 Piece hardtop is designed to mount straight to your Classic Meyers Manx providing instant protection from the elements.  The 3 piece design makes storage easy when not in use. The Kits is supplied with Fitting components and instructions.